We are the result of small steps being taken to reach a greater concept of design, style and sustainability. Launching as a Melbourne-based startup company and partnering with government bodies to address the overarching societal issue, Upcycled Glass partners with Tertiary Institutions on R&D waste management plans to harness smart tech production into the art.


  Mark Douglass, Director & Designer

Mark Douglass

Behind the stage is Mark Douglass, a master glassblower with over 25 years as a leading practitioner in the industry. Mark is the director and designer, responsible for the creative advancements and executions of glass upcycling. Networked with some of the biggest names in the hospitality industry from his main practice of handblown glass lights, Mark Douglass Design, Mark’s vision for Upcycled Glass is gaining promising traction across the industry. He was awarded the Winston Churchill Trust Fellowship in 2011, recognising his contribution to the Australian glassblowing community.