Upcycled Glass is the product of deep appreciation for glass developed over decades of working with the malleable physical process at Mark Douglass Design, and even beyond that. As part of the glass industry, we share a responsibility with our clients to reduce the overall waste - most, unnecessarily created. We want to change the paradigm of how we, the consumer shops. 

Made out of soda ash, sand and limestone, glass can be repurposed infinitely without sacrificing its quality or purity. Organic in the truest sense of the word.



Not an addition or extension to Mark Douglass Design, Upcycled Glass aims to accentuate the sense of extravagance in Upcycled Glass, illustrating that there are no limitations to the artistry of glass regardless of its timeline, celebrating the bespoke artisan, whilst sharing the execution and value of personalised high-end glass design. In today’s eco-aware society, recycling is not undermined as a societal issue; what we want to do is bring back the sense of luxury and purity that new glass commonly symbolises.

Driven by personal passion of Mark Douglass as a master glassblower, our long-term mission is to redefine the perception of ‘upcycling’ as a process of austerity. The cradle to the gate ethos of responsibility. Based in Melbourne, thinking global acting local.


See Who Are We? for more information on Mark Douglass.