N O W   O P E N

Creating a sister program with glass schools and communities in the USA; Italy and Eastern Europe (contacts Mark gained during his Churchill Fellowship endeavors). Mark Douglass Design seminal mentoring will seek to engage in workshops for all tiers of the curriculum, from primary to tertiary, nurturing and fostering a hub for scholastic endeavors developing a pyramid of glass aficionados with a strong youthful base for the future. 

The Harmonious and collaborative environment under one roof will develop a pool of dynamic and diverse practices in the glass environment, creating a sabre like invigorated fertile space for world leading glass techniques and outcomes (right here in Melbourne).

Situated at Melbourne Glassworks is an Australian first, Up-cycled glass-recycling concept. Taking glass waste earmarked for landfill and re-purposing it into design home-wares and architectural building materials; real recycling, with interest from Visy delivering the raw material “waste”.

A space to create; a place to meet; an environment to excel; a hub to collaborate; a den to conceptualise ideas; a cyclic flow to recycling; a table to share ideas; a platform to exhibit; a point for retail sales; the sum of all its parts to make a whole that is the unique creative global backyard for today. 


Melbourne Glassworks is a site-specific project to house a wall-to-wall, contemporary and fertile environment of all aspects of design glass production. Here, Upcycled Glass projects are conducted.

With Mark’s tutorship and a gang of respected fellows, the Melbourne Glassworks is an umbrella to facilitate the skills to produce award winning glass ideals.

Melbourne was known in the arts as a collaborative place for artists with The Heidelberg School; Gertrude Gallery Group and the Pram Factory in Carlton, to name but a few. Unfortunately in the age of development these hubs of pursuit of a unique style and think tanks of progressive ideals has been lost. In the Glass Art field there is no longer a space for creation, with artists having to journey to Adelaide’s-Jam Factory or Canberra to create. The organic nature of glass art creation lends itself to audience participation and a tourist niche (old world meets new) a relative fire and brimstone; organic creative process; true live creative theatre. A participatory space of generative practices in all fields of glass production. 

Melbourne Glassworks sets to facilitate artists to hone skills as well as tutor and mentor new folk to the fold.  The glass design community is a tight knit family both nationally and internationally and MGW seeks to embrace this community with collaborative vigor; creating a platform of shared projects and submissions for public sculptures; a home-base for delivering on projects for festivals and events both locally and global. 


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