Discovered more than 5,000 years ago, glass is one of the oldest forms of packaging and design. Through familiarity and commonality of its use, and with issues of recycling gaining momentum and acknowledgement, glass became labelled as ‘recyclable waste’ - and so, the perception of the process as an austerity is associated.

It should be reminded that glass symbolises fragility, purity and peacefulness in different cultures. Despite being named ‘waste’, glass has sterling tales to tell regardless of its timeline.

At Upcycled Glass, we consider post-consumer glass a "raw material", not waste.



Glass is a timeless artefact and we want to share its story.

Every batch of glass upcycled by us will be assigned a series number which is catalogued in our website. Here, you can find their stories from their origins, their journey to get here and the process of creating them; a relative growth chart documenting the metamorphosis into Upcycled Glass. Pieces that have been separated from batches can also be tracked in our catalogue, with their own stories to tell.

Have you come across one of our Upcycled Glasses? Let us know the series number, where and a snap of it via social - tag and keep us in the loop so we can stay in touch and remain part of the story! #keepglassalive

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